Accounts Guide

Account Guide

When you first log into the website, it could seem intimidating because of the large amount of benefits we offer. However, we have taken several steps to assist you on your first visit.

New Accounts:

+1 (866) 287-3991 is very helpful. If there is a hold time, just leave a message with your name and number, and one of our customer-service representatives will call you back. Click on the Contact tab at the bottom of the page for further contact information. This is where you will be able to set up a time and date for one of our personal travel specialists to call you. Just enter in your phone number and what you would like to speak about, and our Personal Concierge will call you at a time that is convenient for you. The contact page also offers a Live Help feature where you can have a live chat with a customer service representative via instant messenger. Finally, there is this Member User Guide. Allow this tutorial to 'quick start' you on your way to a lifetime of fabulous vacations.

My Account:

Once on the main page you will see the blue bar, running along the top of the page. This is where you will navigate to all of the special features. Inside of this bar is another light blue bar for your "Personal accounts". To get started, click on "My Account".

View Reservations:

Under this tab you can view, print, update, or delete your reservations. You can even send us a message should you have a question or concern about any of your reservations. Finally, all of your travel history organized in one place!

Message Center:

Do you have a question regarding your membership? Would you like to leave us some feedback? Click on "Message Center" and write us a message.

Guest Passes:

Now you can share the benefits of your membership with friends and family. The purchase of guest passes provides others with access to the exclusive Members' website. They will be able to browse our site and purchase an assortment of travel products. You can fill out the information for the person receiving the pass or gift, and email them a valid login certificate. Nothing is better than receiving the gift of travel!

Reward Credits:

Imagine a program that rewards you for taking a vacation! With our exclusive Reward Program you will earn credits every time you travel. Then, redeem your credits at any time for discounts on travel costs, annual dues, gifts and more.

Saved Credit Cards:

Save even more time when booking a vacation on our site! Save your credit card information to your account and then just choose which credit card you would like to use on the booking page. It's quick, safe, and easy!

Update Family Members:

Update your family members to ensure that all family members are enjoying the benefits of being a member. Note: Only primary and secondary account holders will be able to book trips in their names.


Would you like to change your email address or reset your password to something you can easily remember? Click on "Settings" in the "My Account" section.

Donate to a Charity:

In efforts to help the world in which we live in, members are given the opportunity to donate leftover reward credits to a charity. Visit the Donate to a Charity page to learn more.

Savings Calculator:

The Savings Calculator is a great tool for you to quickly and easily calculate your potential yearly savings. You will be able to enter in the number of times you partake in an activity and select the number of adults and children in your household. As you enter in these numbers, the total yearly savings at the top will automatically calculate!

Travel Requests:

Whether you are looking to take your church group on a vacation to the Cape or planning a grand family reunion in Southern California, we can help! Submitting a group travel request is quick and easy. You can visit our Group Travel page under Services and fill out all of the requested information and a member of our Concierge team will contact you back with all the necessary information or you can call a Personal Concierge and submit a request over the phone.

Emergency Travel Services:

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of you and the ones you love. That's why we have added Global Emergency Travel Services to our vacation club. Global ETS offers medical emergency evacuation, medical and vaccine delivery, dispatch of doctors and specialists, and much more. Plans are available on a per trip basis, or yearly coverage for an unbeatable rate.


Whether you wish to book a quick vacation package, go on a one-night getaway, or set off on a relaxing weeklong retreat, we will be able to provide you with the simplicity of booking all three.

Vacation Deals:

Our Vacation Deals Section will allow you to select from a variety of pre-designed vacation deals. For some destinations, such as Orlando, Florida, you can fully customize your vacation. All you would need to do is select the destination of your choice and your preferred arrival date, and watch as a variety of vacation deals appear right before your eyes.


Don't feel like taking a full vacation? Are you planning a weekend escape to Vegas or a one-night getaway in your own hometown? Your membership gives you access to hotel accommodations at prices well below retail value. Type in the location of where you would like to travel to, your arrival and departure dates, a minimum star rating, and how many guest will be joining you. Browse among thousands of resorts situated all over the world. View your membership savings as soon as you hit "Search"!

Bonus Weeks:

If you are looking for exclusive weekly inventory at prices well below retail rate, Bonus Weeks is the perfect section to look in. Just browse through a variety of weeks at resorts all around the world, and once you see the one you want, click on "Select". Then just enter in the number of guests you will be traveling with, and place your reservation!

Note: Some of the upcoming Bonus Weeks will be marked at half of the original price.

Weekly Stays:

In the Weekly Stays Section club members are provided with exclusive access to more than 10,000 vacation accommodations at more than 2,000 resorts, condos, and villas worldwide! All you need to do is choose a destination from the dropdown menu, type in a preferred arrival date, and how many guests you will be traveling with. Note: Once you click "Search", you can filter your results by location; just click on the "Filter" dropdown menu to the top right of your search results.

Worldwide Tours:

Our Worldwide Tours section offers members the opportunity to book discounted guided tours to destinations all over the world. Start off by selecting the location and a date range. You can also select the max price you are willing to spend and the amount of days you wish to travel for; however, these advanced search options are completely optional and can be left blank if your plans are flexible. Watch as a number of tours appear below. Then select a tour and a travel date, and enter in the passenger information. You can also request a quote with airfare included and choose between a variety of hotels to accommodate you during your stay.


Members enjoy the excitement of cruising to exotic destinations. These cruises are priced at deeply discounted rates not available to the public. Once again, you have the option of searching for your specific travel needs or you can take advantage of some of the packages that are featured. Just make sure to choose a location and a preferred sailing date.

Car Rentals:

Imagine being able to rent a car for a fraction of the retail price. With your vacation club membership, you can! We have pickup and drop-off locations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and a variety of other locations. Renting a car has never been so affordable and easy. Choose a pickup location, date, and time and a drop-off location, date, and time, and click "Search". You will be able to compare a number of car types and prices.

Things To Do:

Activities and Excursions: Once you've booked your vacation, be sure to check out the many activities and excursions that we offer. Whether you're looking to go on a diving adventure in the Bahamas or sand boarding in Dubai, as a club member there are thousands of options at your fingertips. Just type in your destination and one of your travel dates, and then click "Search".

Golf Tee Times:

We also offer deeply discounted green fees at golf courses all over the United States and Canada. Just select your destination, your preferred golf course and date, and the number of players. You will then be asked to select a tee time, and you can book it right away by clicking "Book Now" or if you wish to book more than one, add the tee time to the cart and book it later.

Shopping, Dining, and Recreational Discounts:

With over 75,000 coupons and discounts valid at thousands of retail, dining, and recreational locations, we’re sure there's something for everyone. Members can also look up these discount codes while on the go on their mobile phones and conveniently use them whenever they'd like!


Our advanced technology will shop the internet for you, finding the best airfare for any destination. We can help find the best prices for you and give you all of the best route options for flights at times that work for you! Once you've booked your flight, make sure to come back to the "Flights" page and upload your itinerary, so that you can earn reward credits on your airfare.

Timeshare Owners:

Among the many services that we provide to our members, we also offer a number of interval exchange programs for timeshare owners. We understand that many times timeshare owners are not able to take advantage of their intervals. For that reason we have developed a variety of options for you to get the most out of your vacationing experience.


V.O.I.C.E. is the most dynamic exchange product available to vacation interval owners. With V.O.I.C.E., you can decide each year how you want to use your interval, with much greater flexibility. V.O.I.C.E. allows you to deposit your interval for reward credit. This reward credit can then be redeemed for accommodations, activities and excursions, cars, cruises, and much more! The first step to V.O.I.C.E. is to deposit your week. Once you are on the V.O.I.C.E. page, choose the city where your resort is located. You will notice that a drop down menu appears below with all of the resorts within that city. Find your resort in the dropdown menu, enter in the unit type, the week number, and the year of the week you would like to deposit, and then click on Check Redemption Price. If you are happy with the amount of points you would receive for your week, fill out the form below.

Note: If you do not see your resort, make sure to click on "Click Here" to submit your resort.

The next step is the Unit Release Process. Print out the form on the following page, fill it out and sign it, and then return it either by fax to

+1 (877) 737-1542 or by email to

Note: Once we receive the signed unit release form, we will need to get approval from the resort to take over the week. This may take up to two weeks.

Timeshare Exchange:

Why pay money to exchange your timeshare interval? Timeshare Exchange is a great way to deposit your timeshare interval and pull out a more appealing week at no cost to you. Deposit your week at least sixty days prior to the arrival date for "Exchange Credits" which can be redeemed for any week listed in the Exchange Inventory.

There are five easy steps: 

  1. Check Redemption Value
  2. Submit Owner Information
  3. Complete and Sign Release Form
  4. Receive Confirmation by Email
  5. Shop for Exchange

List Your Property:

Would you rather get cash for your timeshare interval? We can help! Just "List Your Property"! This feature gives you the opportunity to rent out your timeshare interval for the price of your choice. Directly market your property to over 100,000 people at no charge to you!


eGift Cards:

Use your reward credits to purchase eGift Cards redeemable at some of your favorite stores and restaurants. After purchasing your eGift Card, you will receive an email with the gift card voucher. Print it out and redeem it in store or use the voucher code to shop online. It's that easy!

The California Wine Club:

Since 1990 The California Wine Club has introduced wine enthusiasts to a monthly wine adventure! With four great wine of the month clubs to choose from, The California Wine Club offers a selection of award-winning wine to suite all tastes and all budgets. Every wine we feature is handcrafted by artisan wineries and guaranteed to delight. Purchase either a one, three, six, or twelve month membership to any of the wine of the month clubs in either money or reward credits.

We are now offering $100 gift cards for only $11 or 1,100 reward credits! A gift card allows you to choose from over 18,000 participating restaurants nationwide and can also be used for purchases through online partners such as Mrs. Fields, LobsterGram, and more.


I would like to change or cancel my reservation:

To change or cancel one of your existing reservations, click on the View Reservations link located on the left hand side of the My Account section. From there, you will be able to see all of your current and past reservations. If the reservation has not yet occurred, you will have the opportunity to click Cancel next to the reservation, or click on View in order to update any information. If you would like to contact our Concierge department with a specific question about your reservation, please click on Messages next to the appropriate reservation. Please note that if a reservation has already occurred, you will not see the Cancel link.

I would like to book my travel:

When you are ready to book your travel arrangements, you can browse any of the sections of your membership to access all of the amazing benefits. Check out the Member Guide to learn more about each of the sections within your membership. If you need further assistance book a Personal Concierge Appointment. You can also chat live with a representative or call us at (866) 287-3991 and we will assist you in planning your perfect travel experience.

I would like to check my Reward Credits:

To see how many Reward Credits you have earned, click on Reward Credits, located on the left hand side of the My Account section. Here you will be able to see all of your reward credits. This will show you when and how they were earned, the quantity, the expiration date, and the status of the credits. Please note that only Active reward credits can be redeemed. If you have not yet completed your travel, the reward credits earned for that travel will not yet be Active.

I would like to assign a Guest Pass:

To assign a Guest Pass, click on the Guest Passes link located on the left hand side of the My Account section. From here, just click on Assign Guest Pass. You can then enter the First Name, Last Name, Email, Preferred Language, and Country of Residence. Once you have entered the information, click Update Guest Pass. You will then see the newly assigned guest pass under the Assigned Guest Passes section. If you do not have any guest passes available, click on Purchase Guest Passes to add more to your account. The person that you have assigned to the guest pass will receive an email with all of their log-in information.

I have a question about my membership:

For more information on how to use your membership and get the most out of your benefits, please click on Member Guide in My Toolbox, located on the left hand side of the My Account section. If you need further assistance, book a Personal Concierge Appointment. You can also chat live with a representative, or call us at +1 (866) 287-3991 and we will assist you in planning your perfect travel experience.

I would like to update the people on my membership:

To update the people on your membership, click on the Update Family Members link located on the left hand side of the My Account section. To add a new person, select the type of person you would like to add and enter all necessary information. To edit/delete an existing person on your account, just click on Change or Delete next to their name.

Please note: You can only have one Primary and one Secondary person on your account at a time.