About Us

About Us

iTravelWholesale.com is a leader in discount travel programs. iTravelWholesale.com is partnered with a variety of major travel brands in hospitality, cruise, car, air and more. Through these relationships, we are able to provide tremendous value and savings on travel and related products found on iTravelWholesale.com. We save our clients up to 70% off the retail price of hotel rooms found on retail travel websites. You can expect up to 50% off cruises, up to 30% off theme park tickets, deeply discounted car rentals, activities, shows, shopping discounts and condominium weeks for as low as $99.00 for the entire week! iTravelWholesale.com is a web based platform accessible from anywhere in the world, enabling members to save money on travel. iTravelWholesale.com is committed to the overall mission of providing the best deal. We offer a 110% best price guarantee on every service provided.

Many people have asked us how we’re able to offer vacations at such an attractive price. The answer is simple, we purchase in mass quantities and commit to large blocks of vacation space based on our client’s needs. Many hotel chains and cruise lines are willing to break even on a large amount of inventory to enable them to make a profit on the rest. They have to pay the cleaning service and turn the power on regardless if the room is rented out or not. In this case it is better to accept less than nothing at all.

The model is the same one used by the discounts in stores we use every day. For example, if you buy one bottle of water you’ll pay the normal price. If you buy twenty bottles, you can save off regular ordinary rates. By having a large client base that wish to experience several vacations every year, we can commit to large blocks of space at some of the finest resort destinations at remarkable prices. We in turn pass the savings on to our valued customers.
We control inventory that will have high demand on a year-round basis. Some inventory comes from mass inventory trades with resorts, giving us a steady flow of inventory. A small percentage of inventory is supplied by our own client base who own timeshare weeks or condos and villas in resort destinations. They simply trade as many weeks as they wish in return for vacations through the network. One major advantage to our clients who own timeshare weeks is the ability to trade off-season time for prime-season time or convert the weeks into reward credits. Reward credits are very liquid. They can be used as currency to book travel on iTravelWholesale.com. They can also be cashed in for gift cards to companies like Amazon.com, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot and major brand restaurants.

Timeshare owners love us. They are usually heartbroken though when we show them we have weeks in the same resort for less than half of their annual maintenance fees. They had to spend $15,000 or more just to pay double our price in maintenance fees alone. Most timeshare owners don’t use their timeshare every year. Through iTravelWholesale.com they can exchange their weeks for other weeks, deposit their week for reward credits or sell their weeks through our marketplace. With over a million people using the booking engine you can imagine that weeks sell pretty fast. You can name your price and allow buyers to make an offer or buy now.

We operate primarily on supply and demand. Based on the locations demanded and used, we actively acquire more units. Whether you are strolling the beaches in Hawaii or skiing in Colorado, you can be assured of excellent vacations at rock-bottom prices through the website because of our buying power.